Do you know that there are foods with hyaluronic acid that are very beneficial for the body? It is recommended that we incorporate these foods in our diet.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is found in our body, our skin being the point where we find the highest concentration (approximately 50%), although we will also find it in the joints and cartilage.

Unfortunately over the years the presence of this molecule in our body is reduced. It is estimated that after 40 years its concentration may have been reduced by half, down to one tenth after 60 years. This is the main cause of joint problems that begin to suffer from these ages and, also, the appearance of sagging and wrinkles on the skin.

The truth is that both collagen and hyaluronic acid are key components when fighting wrinkles. The latter is the most effective, since it manages to retain the water necessary for the hydration of our skin. Before going into the matter about what foods contain it, it is important to know about what areas of the skin it acts to mitigate wrinkles:

  • on the contour and corner of the lips
  • in areas of labial and facial volume to emphasize the cheekbones
  • around the mouth, on the labial and peribucal stripes
  • in the nasogenian grooves where we usually find wrinkles created by gesticulation in the form of expression lines on the sides of the nose and mouth

From various scientific studies, it has been possible to show that hyaluronic acid has many medical and aesthetic applications:

  • stimulates the regeneration of the skin from the formation of the epithelium, reducing the roughness of the formation of new epidermis.
  • optimizes skin hydration by retaining water molecules, giving it a much younger and healthier appearance
  • it favors the regeneration of joint cartilage, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin and the increase of fibroblasts
  • lubricates eye tissues in case of dry eye problems

Taking food with hyaluronic acid will improve the skin of your face

The applications and benefits that hyaluronic acid gives us internally and externally are clear. Therefore it is convenient that we consider contributing an extra of this compound to our body, especially if we are already in that age when its percentage has been reduced considerably.

But let’s not be scared by this circumstance. If you are reading this article, you are worried about the effects of its descent. To reassure you, we will tell you that there are many alternatives to reverse this situation. The application of face creams with this component in its formulation is one of them. To this we can also add small changes in our eating habits by incorporating foods with hyaluronic acid. In this way we will be doing a double treatment: from the outside with the creams and from the inside with the consumption of certain foods that contain hyaluronic acid, which also improves the production of collagen. Both results are ideal to stop the aging to which all (and all) we are exposed.

What foods with hyaluronic acid should I include in my diet?

Some of the foods that we are going to indicate are important because they help the production of this molecule, others favor their synthesis by the minerals they contain (zinc, magnesium, …), others are important because they also contain powerful antioxidants (Vitamin A and C) and others simply because they are foods with hyaluronic acid.


Lamb, veal, turkey or duck meats are rich in this acid. On the other hand, red meat is an important source of Vitamin A that helps liberal hyaluronic acid in the form of retinol. Among the fish we recommend tuna, mackerel, herring and salmon, making special mention of cod liver oil because of the large amount of this acid it contains in addition to Vitamin A.


All tubers are basic because they activate the production of this acid. On the other hand, other vegetables, such as spinach or cauliflower among others, are rich in magnesium which facilitates their synthesis, while whole grain products such as rice or cereals are a good source of this acid because of its content. zinc. In addition, soybeans are ideal for raising estrogen and hyaluronic acid levels.


In general terms, fruits are an invaluable and inexhaustible source of magnesium and another powerful antioxidant such as Vitamin C. As an example, look to include bananas, melon, pear, orange, grape or pineapple in your diet among many other options.


Some spices as common and often used as parsley or coriander, provide a large amount of hyaluronic acid, in addition to being great allies for skin health.

Food recommendations

Well, you already know essential foods to include in your diet. But we are still talking about others who are also good allies when it comes to combating early skin aging. For example, fish or avocado are some examples of foods that contain large amounts of Omega-3, which postpones the aging process in the skin, protecting cell membranes.

Finally, we want to emphasize a point that, although we cannot include it in the list of foods with hyaluronic acid, it is an essential element for it to act efficiently: water. Hydration is essential for our internal balance and for many of the metabolic processes to function properly. Hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic, or what is the same, it needs the presence of water to act.

What cosmetics include hyaluronic acid?

Although hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally in our body, we must be aware that over the years it will decrease. Causing the appearance of wrinkles and firmness in our face. Caring for our diet is an indispensable factor consuming products that help us naturally generate this substance. But reaching the above indices is very complicated, so these treatments are usually complemented with cosmetics that help strengthen and give volume to our facial skin:

1. Treat the eye contour:

The eye contour over the years is usually the one that gets older, creating small lines around the eye. That’s why we recommend our Soivre Cosmetics Eye Contour Gel, a very complete product, since in its formula we can find 3 essential assets for your hydration and reduction of wrinkles or bags, such as: retinol, collagen and of course hyaluronic acid Without a doubt, an essential cosmetic to include in your medicine cabinet.

2. Formulas with makeup base

There are many products that can provide hyaluronic acid, but sometimes combining them with our makeup can be complicated. In Soivre we make it easy for you, adding a little color to your life along with the hydration you need from different products.

For example, our CC Cream is a corrective cream that unifies the skin with 7 different effects. Among them is hyaluronic acid that prevents and attenuates easy wrinkles or collagen that stimulates cell metabolism.

You can also apply our Flash Lifting, ampoules with collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera that give your skin great flexibility. In addition, they serve as a perfect foundation when you need to show your radiant skin.

3. Facial repairers

Cosmetics with natural assets that add to our routine so that our skin stays hydrated throughout the year. As could be the Panthenol 6% intensive facial repair cream from Soivre, an easy cream with long-lasting hydration and nutrition that also provides immediate relief for those most sensitive skin. Preventing redness caused by dryness and skin by high temperature changes.

A cosmetic that we can complement with Vitamin C Serum, if we are interested in reducing the aging of our facial skin. Thanks to its formula with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which make an ideal product for our face.



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