Naturalness is always in fashion and many girls spend too much time and effort in wearing cosmetics as if they weren’t made up. However, by following simple personal care rules, you can look spectacular without a pinch of makeup on your face. We share with you some tricks that will make your look fabulous natural without foundation for makeup, lipstick or other cosmetic products.

Eyebrows on a face without cosmetics inevitably come to the fore. Give them the correct shape taking into account the shape of your face. If necessary, you can paint them with a resistant dye or henna, using the shade that matches your hair color. If nature has not given you fantastic eyebrows, smear a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A every day on your eyebrows, in a few weeks you will notice how they have changed.

Highlight your eyes

To make your look more open, give your eyelashes a curve using curling tongs and then apply a transparent gel. You can use “heavy artillery” using false eyelashes.

Get rid of dark circles. To begin, check your diet: dark circles can be a consequence of the deficit of iron or vitamins of group B (these elements in sufficient quantity are found in the liver and red meat). For the skin around the eyes choose creams with bleaching effect or those that contain retinol. Cold compresses of mint and green tea help well.

Whiten tooth enamel

A sincere smile adds +100 to any look, therefore, ensure that nothing hinders you to be attractive. Use whitening toothpastes, especially after drinking wine or coffee, just remember that it is better not to abuse these remedies. If you have natural enamel with a gray or yellowish hue, opt for professional whitening.

Don't forget your lips

Sensitive nutrition, moisturizing and purification are not only necessary for facial skin but also for your lips. Use hygienic lipsticks that can sometimes be replaced by olive oil or any other natural oil. Once a week, massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or with the fingertips previously moistened and passed through sugar.

Take care of your hair

With dull and shapeless hair, the face without makeup will not stand out. Choose simple and natural ways because the most radical solutions will not combine with your natural look. Regularly cut split ends, use protective filters, do not overdo it with styling products. To give shine to your hair will help you coconut oil that is also useful to combat dandruff, dryness and other problems. Regular rinses with herbal infusions (sage, oak bark for brunettes, chamomile or lime for blondes) also help to shine.

Use sunscreen products

Ultraviolet rays significantly increase not only the likelihood of premature wrinkles but also other unpleasant “bonds” of skin aging and cancer development, especially for light-skinned people. That is why it is necessary to use sunscreen creams not only in summer on the beach but at any time of the year.

Care your skin

Cosmetologists are sure that you should not wash your face with water more than 2 times a day, and even better is to do it only before bedtime, using a tonic or purifying lotion or a toning ice cube in the morning. The important thing is not to rub your skin a lot because these types of procedures hurt her. Once a week it is good to make masks, for example, based on white clay, and if your skin is not too sensitive, you can make a delicate exfoliation.



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