Just in time for the ever warmer season, many women begin to critically examine themselves in front of the mirror. Here and there, there is a small flab and then there are those ugly dents that just do not want to disappear in spite of sports. Countless women have already wondered what really helps against orange peel. There is talk of hot-cold alternating showers, a circulation-enhancing massage with a loofah glove, extremely expensive caffeine-containing creams, bodywrapping, cellulipolysis, surgical laser surgery or draining drinks such as nettle tea.

A not so well-known method in this country is the so-called “Cellu Cup”.
Visually, this suction cup reminds a little of the menstrual cup, but this is actually a miracle product that does what it promises?

This is how the fast massage for the connective tissue works

Those who have the time and money would probably treat themselves more often to a lymphatic drainage, which helps women to remove accumulations of water in the tissue via the kidneys.

Based on a similar principle, the suction cup made of medical grade silicone, the suction cup is placed on the skin, compressed and released. In this way you work both legs in circular movements from bottom to top.
The vacuum created during this process goes deep under the skin and massages the connective tissue of the thighs through an intensive vacuum massage.
As a result, not only the lymphatic flow and the blood circulation are stimulated, but also the metabolism is stimulated. As a result, the fat burning gets going and deposits from the connective tissue say goodbye.
This massage is even more effective if you prepare the affected body parts in advance with a high-quality skin care oil, as this slides the sucker more smoothly over the skin surface.
The beauty tool is cleaned with a little soap or a mild shower gel.

Which results can be achieved?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, our legs benefit from the supply of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood. Also, water retention and swelling can be reduced. Consequently, the resilience and elasticity of the skin improve, which is the annoying dents of the fight announced.

Which body parts can be massaged with the suction cup?

Of course, the small cup-shaped massager can be used in many ways. Not only our legs, but also other body parts such as the butt, the abdomen (except in pregnancy!), The arms or even the neck are pleased about the application. Just 10 minutes per day is sufficient to detect a visible improvement in the skin after just three weeks. And best of all, this self-massage can easily be done while watching TV on the couch or in the shower.

When should women give up this treatment method?

Do not use this massager if you have varicose veins or inflammation on the affected parts of the body. Other contraindications include cancers, fever, high blood pressure and blood and circulatory diseases. In allergic reactions, the application must be stopped immediately.

If you feel pain or bruising after use (which can happen quickly on sensitive skin), it means you should perform the suction more gently and slowly.


Whether it makes more sense to do sports for 20 minutes or to deal with the silicone cup instead, it is arguable. The fact is that the Cellu Cup alone is unfortunately not enough to get an even skin. A good work-out as well as a healthy diet based on as little sugar and fat as possible are the nuts and bolts. However, the gum cup also has a relaxing effect and if you have a little patience, you will notice changes soon. The cup is available in different colors like pink, turquoise and green or transparent with glitter particles. When traveling, she can be excellently carried along in a cotton bag, so that a woman can take a break while out and about.



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