Having a beautiful skin or a shiny hair does not depend on a bottle, I the answer is in your bed! Here we reveal the effects of sex on your skin and … other things.

1. Sex makes you feel happier

When you have sex your brain produces serotonin, a substance that contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness … And happiness has a direct impact on your skin, since certain chemicals are released that give it more luminosity and softness. Everything is connected!

2. It rejuvenates you

As humans age, our testosterone levels decrease. Sex releases testosterone, which has a beneficial impact on your muscles and bones. Some studies assure that women and men who have sex between 4 and 5 times a week are perceived up to 10 years younger!

3. Leave your skin more luminous

By having an orgasm you release endorphins, generating more oxygenation and an increase in your circulatory system. This sexual glow is partly due to the deep breathing you exert and because you release more testosterone and estrogen, which helps soften your skin, makes it more luminous and moisturizes it.

4. Stimulates the production of collagen

Forget about collagen creams! For starters they do not work, you better enjoy sex that will stimulate the natural production of collagen and this will help you maintain firmness and prevent sagging skin.

5. Improves acne

The sexual act balances your hormones resulting in skin with less pimples and more clear. Fortunately, many of us do not know about it in high school!

6. Makes your hair shine

The release of this mixture of hormones such as endorphins, testosterone and estrogen give a natural shine to your hair.

7. Sex helps you control your weight

With sex you burn calories, which does not mean you stop going to the gym or your Pilates classes. 30 minutes of sex can burn up to 100 calories! It all adds up. It also helps you tone your muscles.

8. Strengthen your immune system

Having relationships in a frequent way strengthens your immune system, that is, your defenses. That’s why it protects you against colds and other infections.

9. Help to sleep better

By having sex and experiencing orgasm we release oxytocin, a chemical that lowers levels of stress and worry and that will help you sleep like a baby. The next time you can not sleep, get to work in bed.

10. Strengthen ties

Many couples think that sex is not the most important thing. But in the life of a couple it is paramount. By releasing oxytocin known as “the happiness hormone,” sex helps build confidence. The more sex you have with your partner the more affective bonds you will be developing.

11. Makes you feel more attractive

Sex when it is wonderful impacts your self-esteem. Here lies the importance of having sex with someone who loves you, as it will make you feel amazing with your person. The next time you’re dragging the blanket, feeling zero sexy, have sex and the world will change.



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